Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Waves hello

Hi everyone :)

So this is my first time at blogging - don't even know if I have phrased that right! I just thought I'd let you know a bit about who I am so you can see where I'm coming from.

I'm a mum first and foremost. I'm a single mum, but this blog won't be all about that. I'm a young mum, but this blog won't be all about that. I'm a positive co-sleeping mum, but this blog won't be all about that. Oh and I'm a slimming worlder too, but I won't bang on about that too much I hope!

My daughter Tabitha Blossom (henceforth she'll be know as Tabby B) is 8 months old and is amazing! She's just started to crawl and is a very active baby sleeping only 45mins a day & waking me up at 5am most mornings! She likes to be on the go & is a really happy little girl.

I left her Dad when she was just 2 months old. Proper middle of the night running away style. But that's a whole other story for a whole other blog. What matters is that Tabby B and I are happier than we've ever been.

In some ways I'm quite a traditional mum, I believe in homecooked food, an early bedtime & a mum who's always there. I overcompensate a lot because I'm a lone parent. I rarely leave Tabby B and if I do it's only for a few necessary hours in the day. It's fine by me if you want to be a mum who goes out in the evenings but it's just not my style! That's where the tradition ends though. I want to be fun and happy. Too many mum's are too uptight and have too many stupid rules.

One thing I've learnt in my life is that nothing is ever too hard. I firmly believe in living each day to the full. This is something that I hope to instil in Tabby B. Don't get weighed down by the silly mundane things in life. Get out there and get on with the things that you want to do.

We can all achieve everything & anything that we dream of. We just have to keep pushing ourselves towards our goals.

Oh. One more thing. I'm a maths teacher. Thought I'd leave that to the end so you wouldn't think I'm too boring!!!