Saturday, 18 June 2011

Zzzzzz .....

Sleep. A massively important thing when you have a child. Partners argue over who has the least sleep, friends lie about how much their child sleeps and one of the most asked question from strangers is "does she sleep well?" No is the answer to that.

Tabby B has slept through the night twice in her life. Combined with the fact that I have never left her for an evening these two facts mean that I have had 2 complete nights sleep in about 9 months. Broken sleep can be a killer for some people, they find it really hard.

Unfortunately the professionals forget to mention the following 2 facts that I'm now going to reveal to you. Remember them!!

1. Newborn babies do not like sleeping by themselves. A tiny tiny percentage of newborns sleep perfectly in their Moses baskets, all the rest don't! I bought a Moses basket because that what people have when they have babies. I never used it. When we got home from hospital I tried to put Tabby B in it but she wasn't having any of it.

It's understandable really. 9 months living inside your mum all warm, comfortable and happy and then people expect you to sleep in funny sheets & clothes all by yourself. No way! A huge percentage of people co-sleep at the start, so long as this is done safely and the guidance is researched theres nothing wrong with it. In fact it can be a really lovely experience for you, your partner and your baby. It's funny because not many people admit that they co-sleep but for the first couple of days a surprisingly large amount of do do it!

2. Newborn babies do not self-settle. No way no how! Some people expect a lot of their children, but it's not their fault. There is a perception that 6 week old newborns all get put down in their cots at 7pm, get themselves to sleep and sleep through the night. Hahahaha, if only! Tabby B still doesn't self settle. Now some people say that I'm "making a rod for my own back" but in actual fact lots of friends, family and other mums all have the same experiences as me.

From birth Tabby B stayed up until around 11pm and fed to sleep. She came to bed with me and woke 3, 4, 5 times a night. At around 3 months I started to think that 11pm was a bit late. I was getting seriously tired!! I started taking her to bed at around 7pm and after a few nights she adjusted her routine to this. Now I go upstairs at around 5pm, Tabby B has a bath every other day (it's not advised to bath everyday to begin with) and she has a bottle (or 2!) and goes to sleep. Then we have a cuddle for about half an hour and I put her down. She wakes a couple of times these days, it varies really. She's been getting better.

Co-sleeping is ace though. I really like the fact that when she wakes up I'm there. I've never not been there for her in the night and that's something I really like. I don't judge people who go out and leave their babies it's just up until now it's not something I've wanted to do. We can have a cuddle in the night and I know that she's ok all the time, I don't have to get up and check when I'm worried. The only thing I'm struggling with at the moment is that Tabby B wakes for 1-2 hours in the middle of the night! We have a play and a chat, read a book and have a bottle. This means that I do get quite tired though, ugh, really quite tired!

We had a nice day today, I got quite a lot of sleep last night. We've been to Holt and to see some family. I've done some cooking for Tabby B too which is good. I feel a lot more positive since my money troubles. I still have them but am managing to see past them! They're not the be all and end all! Anyway, bath time! I hope you all get some good sleep!!!


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