Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A hot holiday and a wet festival!

We just got home yesterday from Latitude Festival in Suffolk. It was so amazing! I'm now uploading some pictures so will put some on here in a minute. Tabby B and I had an amazing time, there was so much to do. I'd strongly recommend heading off to a festival this minute with all your children! Loved it!

It was very hot on the Friday and a bit rainy Saturday and Sunday. They have an ace children's area though that we enjoyed exploring. Tabby B was so good, we danced to music, ate lovely food, made nice friends and generally had a great time! She dressed up (read: I dressed her up!) as a fairy on the Friday. She loved all the attention and looked so so good :)

The Saturday and Sunday weren't quite such fashion fests. Mainly coats and wellies to be honest! Didn't dampen our spirits too much though. In fact Tabby B and I managed to get right to the front for Carl Barat's set which was amazing! I was very excited to see him (lots of you probably know my family and I love a bit of Pete and Carl!) so it was incredible being able to take Tabby B right to the front and have a sing and a dance about!

My pictures are now uploading so I'll add some at the end. Before Latitude my Mum and I (and Tabby B obviously) went to France. It was so good. Lovely and hot :) Went shopping, in the pool, to the beach and to a really cool sea life centre. Whoever said driving on the right-hand side was hard was wrong! I found it to be surprisingly easy to be honest!

Coming home from all these camping experiences has changed me a little bit though. Last night when I heard it was raining outside I recoiled and felt physically a bit ill, I had forgotten that I was back in a house made of bricks and I didn't need to fear the rain any more! I also found it very strange this morning having a large choice of clothes from my wardrobe, I've been so used to living out of a bag!

Anyway, here are some pictures for you all to have a look at! I think Tabby B is finally asleep, we're all out of routine at the moment. Night!!


Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Food glorious food

I haven't blogged for a long time. Sorry. Sometime life just gets in te way. I started writing about co-sleeping the other day, I will post that soon :)

Tabitha is lactose free. Also anything free at the moment. She's decided that she doesn't want to eat or drink at all. Queue a day at the hospital yesterday - what was the cure? Wotsits and orange squash! That's what she had all day.

Not quite a cure if you ask me. Or a diagnosis. When they're little everything is a "virus". I hoping that she improves over the next few days. She's done ok today - not had loads but has had something. Poor old Tabby B. She loves milk normally too! So much so that a few months ago the health visitor told me to stop her drinking so much!

I've also been packing for holiday - all things being well we leave Friday for France. I'm very excited. Doubly exciting is that next Thursday we are off to Latitude festival in suffolk for the weekend! It's going to be so much fun! I know Tabby B will love all the interesting people and things to do. It's really family friendly and has a lovely atmosphere!

My final exciting things are that I reached the 4 stone target at slimming world today! Under a stone now to my final target weight. I feel like a different person - my grandma showed me some pictures this week of when I lived with them for a while before Christmas. I look like a different person! Honestly I hardly recognise myself!

Finally, if you're a Norfolk or Norwich reader and know anyone who wants a dog or two please let me know. Tabby B's dad is getting rid of the dogs that we had when we were together - I would love for someone to have them for a year until I have a house with a garden. I will be so sad if we have to give them up. Tabby B loves dogs so much, I really want her to grow up with them.

Anyway. Apprentice time! Xx