Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A hot holiday and a wet festival!

We just got home yesterday from Latitude Festival in Suffolk. It was so amazing! I'm now uploading some pictures so will put some on here in a minute. Tabby B and I had an amazing time, there was so much to do. I'd strongly recommend heading off to a festival this minute with all your children! Loved it!

It was very hot on the Friday and a bit rainy Saturday and Sunday. They have an ace children's area though that we enjoyed exploring. Tabby B was so good, we danced to music, ate lovely food, made nice friends and generally had a great time! She dressed up (read: I dressed her up!) as a fairy on the Friday. She loved all the attention and looked so so good :)

The Saturday and Sunday weren't quite such fashion fests. Mainly coats and wellies to be honest! Didn't dampen our spirits too much though. In fact Tabby B and I managed to get right to the front for Carl Barat's set which was amazing! I was very excited to see him (lots of you probably know my family and I love a bit of Pete and Carl!) so it was incredible being able to take Tabby B right to the front and have a sing and a dance about!

My pictures are now uploading so I'll add some at the end. Before Latitude my Mum and I (and Tabby B obviously) went to France. It was so good. Lovely and hot :) Went shopping, in the pool, to the beach and to a really cool sea life centre. Whoever said driving on the right-hand side was hard was wrong! I found it to be surprisingly easy to be honest!

Coming home from all these camping experiences has changed me a little bit though. Last night when I heard it was raining outside I recoiled and felt physically a bit ill, I had forgotten that I was back in a house made of bricks and I didn't need to fear the rain any more! I also found it very strange this morning having a large choice of clothes from my wardrobe, I've been so used to living out of a bag!

Anyway, here are some pictures for you all to have a look at! I think Tabby B is finally asleep, we're all out of routine at the moment. Night!!


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