Tuesday, 2 August 2011

two rather large administrative errors

As I said in the title two rather large administrative errors seem to have occurred. If anyone can help me solve them that would be great thanks.

1. Its August. Quite simply I think it's supposed to be about May, maybe June at a push. Someone seems to have stolen some of our year and you're all going on with life oblivious to this. I'm not 100% sure what has happened but it's all gone wrong at some point and this year has been put on fast-forward somehow.

As Tabby B is off to nursery and I am off to uni in September I'm really not happy about it at all to be frank. It's six weeks away, six! I don't like the thought of it at all. I'm excited to do my PGCE but not to leave Tabby B. I have had hands-down-no-contest the best year of my life. It's so nice to get up and think "what are we going to do today" and saunter off to Wroxham Barns or the park. Structure, hard work and essays are some of the many things I'm sure I could live with out! Although the money from teaching isn't one of them so I'd better get on with it I suppose!

2. I'm supposed to have a baby. Something's happened and I don't know who is to blame but I seem to have a toddler now. As wonderful as that is Tabby B is supposed to lie on me happy to have cuddles and chats all day. Well she doesn't! We have a walker people!!

I am of course a very very very proud Mum. God, sickening isn't it! You'd think she was the first child to learn to walk right??! She's up and off, shakey on her feet, but doing really brilliantly. I can't believe it though. 10 months old and off exploring the world - she literally shakes me off her now and away she goes!

So yes. If anyone can help me recover my lost months and find my small baby I'll happily exchange August and a toddler with you! Enjoy the mini heatwave :) Guaranteed it won't last!!!


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  1. Aww, she is precious!

    I found you via The Mom Blogs and just wanted to say hello and send some good vibes for another amazing year. I know how hard it is to start a new routine, especially one where the baby goes to nursery. Best wishes to the both of you :)